Local Business Spotlight: The Green Turtle


If you  have never been to Green Turtle Market you are in for a real surprise...it is absolutely one of the most interesting places you will ever run into...and if you come once...you will be back!

It is hard to explain what this place is...wine and beer shop, restaurant, deli,  catering shop, specialty foods, prepared foods, gift baskets, great wine tastings...I could write a blog about each facet of Green Turtle's many sides!

I will make a couple of recommendations here:

1. Try the restaurant: The Grapevine Cafe is a fun and casual place to have a meeting with your friends or a nice quick lunch or a no pressure first date. The food is wonderful and the prices are very reasonable.

2. Get a "take out" picnic from the deli...the sandwiches are incredible and CHEAP....maybe a nice bottle of wine to go with it :)

3. Try the Dinner for two gift basket for $45 (guys...if you can't cook but want to impress your date...you will love me for this one!) The sauce is amazing and it is grouped with pasta and a great bottle of wine.

The selection of specialty foods, wine, beer and prepared food will truly surprise you...and the reasonable prices will keep you coming back.

Truly...on the south Space Coast beaches...the Green Turtle is unique!

Check out the website for menu's and specials: www.greenturtlemarket.com


Published 26 April 12 11:36 by Jeffrey DiMuria


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