Restaurant Review: Cafe Coconut Cove in Melbourne Beach Florida

Some of the best places to eat are not on the beaten path...they are a little out of the way...and sometimes even a bit of a struggle to find. When you do get there you remember why you were willing to take the drive! Cafe Coconut Cove in Melbourne Beach, FL is just such a place.

You can pass by this place two or three times before you find the smallish sign that tells you to drive in...but upon entering you will be hooked! Cafe Coconut Cove sits out on the Indian River with some of the most amazing views and maybe the best sunsets on the East Coast of Florida (suggestion...schedule you dinner so you can sit at your table and take in a will be glad you did).

The menu is authentic German with a bit of a Florida twist so be prepared for some truly unique Space Coast eats.

Here is my suggested menu for first timers:
Start out with the potato pancakes...they are very good and the apple compote is a perfect dipping sauce! For your entree try the Rouladen get One Bratwurst, Red Cabbage, One Rouladen (Thin Slice of Beef, Rolled and stuffed with seasoned meat and onion, braised in its own gravy). It is served with a House Salad, and a Potato Puf. My Mom would on rare occasion make me Rouladen growing up (when I was not eating Italian food) and I still love them. Finish off your meal with an Apple Strudel Ala Mode...this is the best strudel on the Space Coast!

After your inevitable food coma you will be planning a return trip...a little bit for the sunset views...but mostly for the best German food on the Space Coast!

Cafe Coconut Cove is located on A1A in Melbourne Beach...for those with a GPS the address is 4210 S. Highway A1A, Melbourne Beach, Florida.

Phone for reservation is: 321.727.3133


Published 01 May 12 01:50 by Jeffrey DiMuria


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